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First up, Sorry. The posts are getting delayed I know. But do not worry, we will be back to track like before in full throttle, in perhaps 3-4 days. 




This post is sort of a surprise for you. We talked about the Circuital Black Hole theory, 2 posts back. I want to extend the theory to ACTUALLY reveal what lies inside the black hole of the Circuit. 

Basically, you die. 

But before that, you shall suffer. Remember, we told that the world inside the black hole is such that no Science can explain it. You close your eyes before the black hole and open it after being sucked in.

You will still be there. Same world. Same Universe. 

Science is often measured from a single perspective. The concept of positive and negative exists because we measure everything looking through one side. What would happen, if the perspective of Science changed continuously at around a million per second. When the perspective changes, all the rules of Science change at a faster rate. 

To simplify, consider a liquid flow. We know that two opposite flowing liquid exert pressure on each other when they strike. That is because, from one perspective, other is in the opposite direction. Let the perspective change occur at a million per second. Now, when the two liquids actually strike, for a pico-second there will be pressure increase, in the next pico-second, the two liquids might just pass through each other (when looked from the perspective of two light ways crossing each other). 

The world turns to chaos. Meaningless chaos. Simple life sustaining processes cannot exist. And there will be severe damage to everything around and everything inside the person's body. 

Within the next pico-second, death will strike. 

Remember, Science cannot explain millions of changing perceptions. That is precisely what happens inside a Black hole of a circuit. 


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