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Good Day Everyone! 

I hope you are doing great. 

Colors are the bonding between our soul and the soul of the world. Colors induce wild brain patterns which can over turn over our micro perceptions about everything. 

The process of coloring varies from product to product by factory procedures. One motive of the future is to make all manufacturing process universal. 

Tending to that, the colors to be used on different materials need to be the same. All the teals and the bottles of greens luster and dance when white light mates on them.

This can be applied to any surface through small finger fitting machines placed on either hand. These fingers are touched on the color requited and a pattern of sense is created by any random motion of the other fingers. This shall be unique for each color. The motion can vary from a simple scratch to a gentle rub of one finger over the other. 

When the object required to be colored is touched, the pattern is required to be played by the same set of fingers. As soon as the pattern matches, the color ejects out of the machines and glazes over the surface. 

For getting the Matte tone, there is a Universal pattern prescribed by the Government. 

The machine is a must to be owned by every citizen of Zingorba. 

What would be your codes?

Find out a lot more in The One Concirsciuit

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