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Self-replicating machines solve a major mass manufacturing problem. The robot or the machine is made to sense its own accuracy and the understand the major factors behind it. 

With this intelligence, this machine can fabricate a program and components very similar to the blueprint of its own which it creates. But we need a limit for self-replicating machines, right? Otherwise the robots would go on replicating itself till the world is full of those creepy crawling webs of metals. Ugh!

1. For setting up limitations, the robot must understand the need of the replication. This could be programmed by a specific number or any counting the number of needs which are satisfied. 

2. It is essential that the computers are not programmed with a 'sense' of competition. This could be disastrous and can even lead to machine infused apocalypses.

3. When a machine is made to realize a number of recurring checkpoints of its own conclusion in the environment, it will tend to replicate itself from energy zero just at the time when the necessity arises. 

4. The primary machine are created with a Universal Program. This program can sense the prospect of an upcoming machine and when fed with the functionalities, can generate parts. Each part has a default program associated with it. 

5. Each machine feeds it self-replicating programs in neutral parts underground so as to avoid illegal manipulation. These parts are digitally secured and are stored in non-penetrable cases.

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