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I have been reading this book called 'The $100 Startup' by Chris Guillebeau. So I came across this thought provoking chapter called, 'GIVE THEM THE FISH' which talks about new ways to crack the psychology of the customer. A brief view is shared below:

1. Sometimes there is a difference between what the customer wants and what the customer thinks that they want. In both the cases, businesses are supposed to model in a way to ensure that the customer is pampered. We all undertake a service primarily for not wanting to do it on our own. 

Take the case of a restaurant. Though some of us might believe that the customer would be fascinated if they are allowed to involve in the kitchen, well, the fact is no one would want to work or stress out when they come for a peaceful dinner. Not many customers would be interested to watch the behind-the-scenes act. A good eatery looks to pamper the customer with classy ambience and mouth - watering food.

2. Focus on giving a value rather than a product. Consider a gigantic water-park built in town. Customers enjoy the amusements not because of the rides, but because of the sense of freedom and wilderness that they achieve when they take up the rides. The thrill is what drags them inside. When building a product, let the customer know that they are being provided with a value rather than a solid product.

3. Customers may not every time say what they specifically need. In those moments, it is the quality of your work that comes to the fore. Consider a wedding photography stint. Customers would say that they want a good photo album to come out at the end of the day. But what they really want are those hundreds of wonderful, colorful random shots which brings out the color of the function. Photos which can better the others' on social media. No one specifies all that at the beginning.

Hope these ideas help. These examples are from the same book. I will be more than happy to share a few more ideas as I progress further. 

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