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Hello all again!

WELCOME TO THE FINAL POST OF THE 'QUOTE UNQUOTE SERIES'. Enjoy! (These have been quoted by me. If any resemblance to other quotes, it is pure co-incidence!)

For war

"The greatest battles are fought with pen and paper"

"To win, you do not need to slay till their blood flows out but you have to murder until their thoughts do not let them live"

For peace

"Where there is violence, there is a chance for new peace"

"The four directions must read, Peace for north, War for south, Victory for east, and Defeat for west. Peace is the ultimate ruler. Victory is what moves you forward"

For honesty

"When you speak the truth out, only truth will accept it"

"A single lie can make you doubt even yourself eventually"

For ego

"Ego transforms you into glass. A broad mind makes you air, which can never be broken"

"An egoistic mind always looks to suicide all the unseen happiness"

For simplicity

"The simple white color is the most powerful and diverse"

"A simple man is capable to taking in all of life's offerings at once"

For smile

"Smiling is flirting with life. Constant smiling can make your life and destiny fall in love with you"

"Pen is mightier than the sword. Your smile is mightier than the pen"

For respect

"One word of respect can turn you from a child to a gentleman"

"Respect the good and bad. Both of them have chosen you out of everyone"

"Sometimes the best way to kill an enemy is giving it respect. It is like trapping it in its own whirlpool of guilt and confusion"

Thank you. I hope you liked them.


Take Care,


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