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Hello everyone!

Good day! I hope you are all doing great. 

Every morning, I wanna give you something interesting and different, away from the usual text filled articles. So today, it is the turn of these dialogues which have been quoted by me. 

For motivation

"Kill under the sun to lay like a king under the moon"

"Make everything exist when everyone blinks their eyes"

"Train, work and build like every second is your entire life"

For love

"Do not look at the sky, you only find the fabric of life, focus on the stars you will find me"

"You are the beauty in God's reflections"

"When I see you, I realize the allure of colors. When I talk to you, I realize the allure of words. When I hold you, I realize the allure of touch. When I am with you, I realize the allure of us" 

For hard times

"Smooth roads seldom lead to peaks"

"You do not diffuse through time simply. You punch the wall, crack it open and sneak through it each second. That is how everyone live time"

"The sun burns itself each moment to spread light to every planet it can reach"

For hope

"Hope is a locket that absorbs all negativity from around"

"Hope is what differentiates you from a non - living"

For miracles

"If in every trek, belief is conserved you will always be rewarded with miracles at the peak"

"Miracles happen when you do not realize how convincingly you have won"

For trust

"Trust is one sense that coalesces all other senses together"

"Trust holds the mountains through the storms"

I hope you are inspired.


Take Care,


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