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All of you good? It is time for some fun again. 

I hope that the first part of the 'Meme Series' brought some chuckles to you. Well here are some more,

// Good question isn't it? Well, read to find out what exactly is the science behind the science!

//And also let's get caught for it! Truly it is going to be a hell of a ride!

// Will you go for the war straight after landing on an unknown land (or planet actually!). That is how the first day actually began!
// The Navarro base had to make everything simple for the soldiers. But almost half of them backed out! Why? Ridiculous right? Read to find out!

// Refers to Colton, the swag hero! Poor Metanor had no choice but to give in to the Earthling's reasons!

Hope these memes created more eagerness in you. 

Read the novel, and come back to these memes. You will enjoy again!


Take Care,


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