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Hello all!

Greetings again! I hope everything is going good. If not, then do read this guide which can help you view life from a different perspective.

Who are the simple people?

There is a saying, 'The most complicated skill is being simple'. Our minds are tuned in a way to complicate things. Most of the times, we think, 'No it cannot be that simple'. Other times we undermine simplicity, thinking that it corresponds to lack of skill.

That is not true.

Being simple is the trait of the Gods. When you are simple, you are most happy.

How do you be simple?

1. Learn, learn and learn.
2. Teach, teach and teach.

When you learn, you develop a character. That character sees the world as one. Only where there is lack of knowledge, there is complexity.

When you teach and others learn, you get peace. You make their life compact. This feelings warms your life, so that it appears less complicated or more simple.

In 'The One Concirsciuit', The simple people exist. They are neither the heroes, nor the villans. But they are the teachers in the background. Their lessons can only be heard when you look deep into the story.

Learn, teach and be simple. Keep everything simple. Start now. Un-complicate and re-order.

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