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What is the diffusing mind control?

This concept is the major driver of the story, 'The One Concirsciuit'

Brief: What if you could not only control the focus object, but also control the millions of perceptions which appear in your conscious and sub-conscious mind? All the thoughts? 

Basically, what if you could mind-control another 'universe' with the focus object as the center

How would you feel?

How would the world look like?

What if you would have that power?

Navarro, the antagonist, has that power.

And it is this power which makes the world insanely complex. It is because, Navarro is the only one who can do this.

Imagine the chaos it would create. Everyone's 'million perceptions' are different in a million ways.

Take a moment and think. 

Navarro, is laid back on the power forcibly. It is because it is the war to crack the circuit. And the circuit does not allow mind control. Why? Those perceptions trap you in millions of imaginations, or millions of Sciences. The world turns so complex, that you will be LOST.

Find out about this mind control. Read to know, why Navarro wants to get off the circuit more than anyone? What plans does he have with his mind control?


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