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Good Day! 

I hope everything is all right! 

According to the 'J-D Checklist for 2017' posted a few days ago on the blog, January is the month for removing all the junk inside you and from around. 

A clean mind and a clean place can launch a successful and productive year. 

Before guests come, we clean the house. Before going to a party, we clean ourselves.sO WHY NOT WELCOME THE YEAR BY CLEANING OUR LIVES?

Out of these, a clean mind is utmost necessary. 

1. Remove all enmity. No one is perfect and no relationship can progress with extreme perfection. Talk with the people with whom you had shut till now. Clear the air between.

There is nothing which can give more happiness than when everyone looks at you with an involuntary smile. 

2. Speak with your closed ones and take steps to overcome all your bad habits. If you are a smoker, understand its ill effects and start taking medications. If you are a procrastinator, draw a goal chart and plan to achieve exciting things. Dream. 

3. Learn to take happiness and sadness in your stride. For everyone, life is a mixture of both. All problems are equally obstructive to that person at that time. The purpose of life is to never give up. Move ahead continuously. 

You will win only if you decide to win. Just as when you make a decision, you turn to your best self when going out and socializing. So why not be the best dressed for life?

Take Care,

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