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You have to scale the peak of uncertainty and explore the thick bushes of setbacks where not even a ray of hope falls in. 

I just defined the phrase, 'Setting up a Business'. In the far future, will this elaborated description make sense?

So far we have imagined that the future will have well-established services for everything. So where will be the place for start-ups? Well, still there is. But the different dimension of setting up a business would be called 'Dimensional Start-up'

This phenomena assigns a particular business brand to its customers depending on their pretty involuntary change in actions. To elaborate this further, imagine you have 3 business firms providing the same service 'A'. What if they are exposed in a way, that one business only appears in the morning, other in the afternoon and the third, late at night?

Or what if one business appears when you are in a pretty jovial state of mind, the second one appears when you are motivated and the third one shows up when you are in the blues and really need something up. To facilitate a set of people to earn for a living, the Government of Zingorba had to come up with this kind of a model. Note that the business firms could provide any extreme service, not in any way, related to the emotions or the time of the day. 

The value of the individual company increases when you are in a neutral position and your mind evaluates the three experiences at the three different times. At that time, we would have evolved to evaluate situations of completely different characteristics to know which was better. That is thought to be the peak of maturity. 

This 'value' of the company grants it extra bonus in the form of extended usage time and phenomena. 

Even then, the business has the same level of risk. And that is where the fun of the game exists.


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