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There is a very fine line which separates Science Fiction and Fantasy. But what if I say that the 'very fine line' actually, does not exist?

We automatically judge if a technology described in the novel is plausible in any point of time or not, and if it is possible we call it Science Fiction and if it is not, we call it Fantasy.
But is the criteria on which we judge the technology actually correct? How often we are correct?
Science is of all natures. We may discover something which makes the perception of science change drastically in a moment, or over a period of time, we see that the world has evolved thanks to the evolution of Science.

If we show today's world to a person of the 15th century, they may dismiss it as pure fantasy. But if the same world is shown to a 18th century common man, he/she may be excited and start dreaming of being able to make it to such a diversified world.

We are not only what we actually are and the world is not just the planet Earth. There are billions of other planets in billions of unknown galaxies. Macroscopic and microscopic life may exist anywhere else. Their science, their laws maybe completely different. There is a possibility that out laws of science may not be applicable to that unknown world which exists billions of light years away. I know, it is difficult to think, but just ponder about why cant we? We think that our science is the truest, but could there be another set of rules and laws which govern into some science which maybe different from the Science we know? Completely possible. Somewhere extremely far from us, such a world may exist.

The point I want to convey is that out categorization of a concept into Science Fiction and Fantasy may not be always right, and it must be irrespective of whether it 'seems' possible or impossible. This novel shows a world which many may term 'fantastical', but since we are talking thousands of years ahead, in another world, why cannot other set of laws apply? Why cannot the world be at another level of complexity, with respect to us? But why cannot the Science of that other world, tell similar stories about our life? Again, completely possible.

Again there maybe many counters to this point, but I believe that the extreme regions of or Science and other Sciences are unknown, and as of now we cannot create our own confinements for them. Again we may think, it is not completely correct, but it is not completely wrong either. It is an important member in the list of possibilities.

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