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Black holes are captivating in theory, and the mysteries it treasures. We all wonder, "What is inside a black hole?" It would not be wrong to say that, a part of the concept of the circuit was inspired by this question.

I wanted to give an answer in terms of the same properties black holes affect. Science ends at the boundary of a black hole. There could be newer science inside, something which no civilization knows. 

Or perhaps the black hole is a shortcut to somewhere. The circuit is also a shortcut to another world, within the same universe. A world, but which is situated in different levels of reality. Who knew, a single programming and conceptual error could spring out something the entirety has never known?

The Circuital black hole theory shows the similarity between the circuit and a black hole. While the black hole sucks light and all matter, the circuit sucks in all your life's desires and wishes to a new world. All your perceptions meaning it. By the time the answer is known, the old world would be existing in a different lens altogether inside you. 

One cannot escape from the clutches of a black hole. And the same applies, in the case of a circuit. It is all in your mind, and it cannot be defeated at all. 

Black holes are said to bend space and time around it. The circuit also knows no time, because it has completely escaped out of science which possess the rules for stating time. And neither does it know the space surrounding the last exit door. Everything has to be re-defined inside. 

On the circuit, you can see a black hole even when you are not near the exit. At the time when you are captured by illusions. Plain illusions, which seem to answer all the questions around through a wrong perspective. You fall. And recovery is almost impossible. The circuit holes at that spot. Because there is no science to explain.

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