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Hello all!


WELCOME ALL WITH THE NEW LOOK OF THIS BLOG! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, well, this blog was taken over by that guy completely for the modifications and designs!

Thank you for your support. Love you all!

It is Christmas time! 

Let us make this Christmas special. 

1. Be happy: At least on the Christmas day, try to convince yourself all the positive sides of everything 'bad' happening with you. At least on this festival, practice taking everything positive. Try, just one day. Please.

2. Feed someone: Everyone are not destined to celebrate Christmas with pomp and splendor. Find a needy person, and try to give him / her a 3 course meal at least on the day of Christmas. That could be anyone in your locality or someone whom you see every time when you commute to work, college, school etc. Otherwise, try going to a charity organization and spend time with the people there. Trust me, the peace and happiness after that will be unmatched. 

3. Thank God: Thank the mighty Lord for everything He has given you. Ask Him for strength for all the future endeavors. Do not flood Him with the countless wishes, please!

4. Pick a resolution: Again, create a will for something you always wanted to do, and keep a deadline for next Christmas. Promise yourself that you would be in a position you dreamed of by next Christmas. Or at least you will be on the correct track for that. 

5. Enjoy!: Call your closed and loved ones, laugh, eat and enjoy. Keep all the inner sorrows aside and live the festive day to its fullest. 


Take Care,

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