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One would potentially wonder, why do the aliens in the story speak English, very much like the humans in terms of accent and grammar?

1. English is considered a Universal language, literally. When the Earth tried to collaborate with the other lands, they started conversation in English. All the other worlds including Zingorba, Minorba, Androrba started putting forward the proposal for co-operative ties in English. At a moment. Earth was the talk in the news. That pro-active time period of 3500-5000 AD saw a lot of Earth's culture spread to the other far away worlds.

2. English is preferred because it is versatile. Stats at that time reveal that English is the only language which is spoken by an entire planet. No other planet boasts of such a widespread language. This impression tempted the other worlds to learn the language.

3. Since the conflict involves Earth to quite a large extent, the residents along with the Government decided to converse everything in English. This would also enhance security. The people were fluent in almost all the language existing in the Universe at that time. 

4. Advanced methods of learning like Mind Reading, Computer to Chip Learning has enabled to create brain patterns resulting in language skills very similar to each other. That explains the reason why their accent resembles much to the humans. 

 5. Before the advent of English, the Zingorbian population spoke the Zinbian language. The voices and words in that language emerged from cell interactions. Yes, cell interactions. 

An alien could cause his cell to interact with the others surrounding it, causing the walls to vibrate with a particular frequency of sound. This frequency surprisingly, varied in different parts of the body. But since, English was an easier tongue, the entire planet started to practice it from 100 years before the story. 

Zinb-uier? (How are you?)

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