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I hope you are all fine. 

Recently, I came across a quote, "You are the Universe but society teaches us limitations"

Well, this is the quote for those who are not willing to face those limitations. Properly put, the society teaches you lessons. Every society teaches you a lesson. 

Life is meant for living and learning lessons on the way. We often say, some learn it the easy way while the others, the hard way. In reality, everyone learns it the hard way. We do not see their struggle mostly because they appear good. It is the principle of life to teach lessons at the right time for it. 

These lessons strike us as obstacles. At the perfectly wrong time, according to us. So everyone, really, do learn the hard way. You are never alone. 

Everything cannot be taught using chalk piece and board. Life is a journey of different experiences. Lessons are being taught to us, because we do not know many things. For getting to a goal, these things actually serve as a per-requisite. We often do not teach ourself those per-requisites. So when the time comes, the effect strikes. 

Obviously, it is not possible to teach yourself just everything before the start. So, take the lessons by your stride and do keep the learning in you forever. 

More than money, what is valued at the end of the day is your character. People, at the end of the day will look up to that. And characters are fabricated from lessons. From experiences. Share those experiences with the world in the form of a story. 

Everyone will listen to you. 

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