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The future in Zingorba brings complete knowledge to all the citizens without an recurring problem thanks to any un-found certitude.

What could be a possible work that could qualify as 'For a good cause' in the future then?

1. Speeding up the process of spreading knowledge: Scientists and ordinary citizens alike are in the race to feed their new-born the complete knowledge, the quickest. While a typical 'long' process takes some 3 months, the Government has barred the scientists to implement machines to do the process in the matter of seconds stating that it was completely against the root of their evolution. But the people are engaged in creating the algorithm themselves to benefit those who are born with a slightly less brain power.

2. The Free Planet: There are totally 3 lineages who are not rich enough to access everything on the planet. The other people continue to contribute their payments to an overall account which in turn can be used by those people to access anything. The payments of the aliens could be in the form of currency, strength or contribution of brain intelligence to the sustenance of computers and data.

3. A Hand out to others: Being a superior life form compared to the others residing in the neighboring planets and galaxies, this led the Zingorbian Government to launch missions to provide intelligence and military power to those planets. The people also take initiatives to help them establish according to the strict rules of the various Star Systems or fight the different Asteroid Kingdoms for more Orbital Space. A more Orbital Space provides potential to fuse another kingdom upon conquering it.

Zingorba has declined to acquire any other planet on to it, though while possessing a much higher than required paraphernalia. Some say, it is because they need to give space for others to survive by their own accord.

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