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Someone in my publishing firm said, 'Your book is your start-up and you are the CEO, CMO and everything'. At first, I refused to believe the process to be that daunting as setting up a start-up.

But now I am realizing the truth. 

The success and failure of the book are completely in your hands. You have to supplement, to a large extent, the publisher's efforts in marketing and bringing out the book to the targeted audience.

Like a start-up, you have to research various marketing strategies and ways to implement them. A budget is needed to be set to ensure smart and efficient use of money. Marketing is one such sphere which is never satisfied by any amount of money. The more you throw, the more you will surely get, but there is never an end money limit for marketing. Yes, there are some smart and cost effective ways which can generate big impact. We need to tap them.

Before marketing, you are responsible for the editing process. A typical novel at least requires 3 rounds of Substantive editing. One round is brain wrecking enough, since, the process requires your creativity, focus to peak throughout. 

Finding the right publisher is a right you only have. This stage demands the perfect decision making ability. It is a tough task to cancel out with a publisher and sign up with another. So research well, and make a wise choice. Take a look at their history, how many books have made it big and how long can their hand of marketing reach.

Coming down to the story. You are the hero, heroine, producer, director, graphics artist and what not. Only marketing a good product makes sense. So you have to aim to give your life out to make those words hypnotizing to all.

Sometimes, perhaps, there is more work that goes into making a book successful than a start-up. The road to start-ups can be made much easier if you strike funding. Yes, funding is tedious but rewarding thereafter. But a novel is a struggle till the very end.


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