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By definition, Cyborgs are beings which possess both organic as well as mechatronic parts. A person with prosthetic legs can also be faintly called a cyborg. 

But what makes a 100% Cyborg?

1. The process of creating a cyborg just does not involve machining the outer powered armor. A complete cyborg could possess the brain which would be faster than the smartest computer but with its organic properties. Perhaps smart nano droplets when placed in the blood could increase its flow stream therefore increasing the overall capacity of the instrument.

2. Cyborgs would have extra body parts which could improve the overall co-ordination and work efficiency of the organism. You could qualify a complete cyborg if there are enough parts to handle any number of required tasks at the same time.

For instance, for a normal human being under average situations, five or six hands would provide enough capability to simultaneously control many physical objects and their orientation. But such cyborgs must also have the power to instantly grow an extra part anywhere on the frame of the body.

3. Power enhancement is one fundamental need for using Cyborg parts. The best cyborg would have a machining system which could efficiently take in power from the immediate environment and convert it into any amount of output. For example, to increase the running speed of a human, if the metal legs could use the fast beating air as the energy to in turn power the legs to gain more speed, that would be a completely sustainable machine. 

4. The parts must create spaces in the body to store the extra energy. Humans are maybe tuned to only a particular quantity of energy. The Cyborg machines must re-modify the bones systems, muscle fibers so as to not breakdown during the intense movement. 

Do you have more ideas for a 100% cyborg?

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