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Good Day!

Hope you are doing well. Indeed, laughter is the best medic in life. 

A good laugh adds color in the times when hope refuses to stay. It creates positive feelings out of nowhere and many times, this is enough to sustain life. 

When you spread laughter, you spread a gift which values more than breath. You give them a reason to live. You give them that 'something' which stays at the back of their mind as the shining grip on which life holds your soul.

You do not need to be a professional joker to spread smiles. All you need to do is involve that person in your conversation without emotionally teasing them. 

For telling a good joke, be yourself. Just be so happy and optimistic with your life that it spreads like a contagious disease to others. Do not pretend to be someone else. Because the true amusement and enjoyment comes when your deepest life comes out. When you realize the life which was locked secretly inside you. 

Be for others. Talk for others. Work for others to make them feel special through your smiles. That is when you attach more to yourself. 

Take Care,

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