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Good Day.!

I hope everything is amazing. 

The World after the emergence of the Circuit has come to a standstill. People have realized the ultimate solution to the complexity. A section of Science have been immortalized into other dimension. 

But the World still remains immortal. 

1. Circuit Apocalypse: When a section of the people step off the current knowledge into the new world, the entrance need to be guarded forever. It is because when the split in knowledge is broken down, there is complete uncertainty. That uncertainty is enough to switch off the lights of all life forms. 

2. Planetary Apocalypse: In a billion years, our sun is destined to glow bigger than the current self, ultimately ending all the life on Earth. Unfortunately, the heat source of Zingorba are the thousands of heat emitting asteroids orbiting at close distances. One time, these orbits may shift away from their positions to far distances. 

3. Gas Apocalypse: Due to molecular changes in the thin blanket covering Zingorba, it leads to harmful gas stuffed clouds all over the planet. A few million years from the Circuit time, this phenomena cause the ultimate wipe out of life. 

4. The Center Apocalypse: The formation of the exit of the Circuit increases the magnetic polarity of both the Zingorbian Poles. This shift in strength causes a gradual shrinking of the crust towards the hot, molten inner core. Temperatures there cannot sustain even the Alien's life. 

All these phenomena are just 250 generations away from the Year Of The Circuit. 

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