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Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing fine.

When there is something big to conquer, a time will come when in spite of the confidence we will feel, 'What is happening?' or 'Why am I stuck here?'

That time our other mind convinces our self about the fact and pushes us forward.

When the stakes are just too high and pressure weighs more than mountains, this two minds are enough to enlighten us, or even remove all the negativity inside. 

Which means that when we come to that automatic realization point, we will either start taking everything optimistically and move forward, or even realize why we are wrong. This process could not happen until now, because we were running the race only powered by the goal. Not by facts. Not by reality. Not by emotions. 

Depending upon the situation, we will either realize that we have to win it somehow and then lighten ourselves a bit, or we see the mistakes because of our pause and move forward successfully this time. 

Learn to control your mind at the beginning of every endeavor. Ask yourself, why, when, how, which, what, (not in the same order). Sometimes it becomes a bit too late. The lack of time can even destruct you later, possibly when you see that the others have moved a lot towards success.

Time was turning difficult for Metanor. The two minds strike him. But what can he do now? How will he change knowing that everything from life till death is at stake?


Sometimes we all believe in this concept of 'Pattern of Life' 

I might believe that always when it comes to big situations, I fail. Always when it comes to competing with good people, I can hardly start. Always when it comes to exams, I cannot perform. Or I can only perform when the people around are 'less' than me. 

This is the reason for failure. The thought. Not your pattern of life.

All successful people have dragged themselves from their pattern of life. It is like inertia, if you have to succeed, this is where you have to do extra. 

When you do. You will absolutely get it. That is how life is constructed. 

The pattern of life for Metanor was not performing the mark in bigger situations. The pattern of life for Navarro was failing to avoid something which could potentially destroy him.  Both of them meet face - to - face. Someone's pattern has to break. 

You have to be good, and do the work. Then it will seem like destiny is doing everything for you.

For living the new, you have to dish out the old. Similarly, you have to beat your patterns. Live a new life. 

Take Care,

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