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Welcome to the World of Dertrocium. Well, The world of Zingorba it is!

Dertrocium is the material of the far future. Everything in the story is constructed with a healthy use of this metal. On the land of Zingorba, it is abundant. 

Physical Characteristics:

Color: Primarily gray to jet black.
Texture: Smooth when unearthed, color turns uniform upon refining.
Weight: Is found in the form of 'logs'. Each log weighs about 60 kilograms when measured on Earth. In Zingorba it would weigh around 5 kilograms.

Nothing is built with hands. To use Dertrocium, you will need three machines:

The metal itself,
A software with the model,
Air mover

The building is plotted and colored through the software. This is connected to one Dertrocium log to be used for construction. Dertrocium shapes, by penetrating through very thin regions in the air surrounding it. If all the air around is represented in the form of vertical tubes, Dertrocium shall only grow through the thinnest tubes. So, an air mover is required to change the air patterns, either compress it or expand to facilitate the growth of Dertrocium through the thinner air. An average one kilometer tall tower takes around 5 days to build.

The base, Conquistador are all built of Dertrocium. In Zingorba, it is considered light-weight and is also more abundant in nature. In fact these metals constitute the entirety of the robots. 

One special feature worth to be mentioned would be that this metal can be stored in the form of molecules inside the neural centres of a robot. The molecules can then be produced by the robot when required for communication, basic construction or a reader which can sense the environment around. 

Solid blocks of Interpretation is made of Dertrocium and is produced by the robot. The block contains the information which the machine has understood by considering the environment. One would prefer this method because it causes less usage of the schema in a robot. Efficient in other terms. 

Note that, this article tells about the back-end of the story. In the book everything is already built. 

Find out more features of the Dertrocium cubes in 'The One Concirsciuit'

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