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Decisions are made on the battlefield. Results show up there when one army would have fallen.

The Battlefield is no less than a temple for the Circuit.

1. The battlefield moves all around the City of Sciton. It even breaks up at some parts and elevates pieces of land to dizzying levels. You have to establish at strategic locations while reading the movements. 

2. Before the battle, the same land was used as a landing site for all the guests from the far - away world. The ground is capable of replicating and absorbing genetic data from the guests and can conduct own preliminary research!

3. Not mentioned in the story, but the transmission of communication from the base to the soldiers happens through the invisible communication lines placed along the surface. These communication lines were initiated by the field by itself to transfer the research information instantly to the Government and Navarro.

4. Where there is barren, there are actually a lot of trees! In order to protect this entire research machinery, the top layer of the ground is actually a large, flat horizontal trunk of one tree. The trunk bulbs at various points forming small shrubs, otherwise at the end of the boundary, the parent gigantic tree will be situated. This same bark forms the boundary around Sciton, giving it the cup-shape.

5. Even the ground senses like the animals. It is because of this capability, that the circuit and its effects are recognized as they occur. Again, thanks to their 'learning'. If not, all these effects would occur in the battlefield but show up only in the base. Imagine that! 

If you ask why, it is because to absorb the large amount of information, the ground has to 'give in' to the information. Otherwise through the channels, everything would be transferred back to the base.

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