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Even if you are not, read this heart-warming post on the 'MAGIC OF LOVE'

On the outlook, this book looks entirely Science Fiction. But if you have seen the cover page or read the blurb, you would get a slight indication of a presence of some mysterious love story.

Indeed there is.

Love is a feeling which out-powers the demon, the God and all the mightiness of the Universe. Love acts as a medicine and a sword. No matter how wrong your life goes, love makes it appear fulfilled.

'The One Concirsciuit' shows a form of love which is bind by sacrifices and emotions only. At times, romance springs out like fountain, but most of the other times the love is all about making sure that everything is done well, so that the other half is perfectly all right.

Exhillora who could not confront a bunch of people opposing her, suddenly shows bravery to go to an entirely different planet which has more questions than answers. There is no margin for mistake.

Exhillora, the gentle beauty undergoes all horrible, unimaginable pain, only to ensure that her love goes to the battle successfully.The gentle beauty turns a monstrous warrior against the villian, at a point.

Soon after meeting his love, they are separated, till time knows when. All they can do is remember each other and work. Just work. To make things successful.

The driving force of love is so intense that it never forced Metanor to give up on the battle and run towards her. But instead, the power kept him going in the right direction even when the tunnels were dark.

Only Love can turn a monster into a baby. You may not succeed with words, actions, against evil. But love surely has the potion which can dissolve all negativity.

Again, Love is the only feeling that can appear like a beast and take down all evil.

Love is an all-round emotion. It has infinite forms. Love is the force of the Universe. Love is Magical. Love is God.

Read the story to delve into feeling of love which can restore all faith in the world, its people and the feeling itself.


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