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The book trailer is almost ready! It shall be out soon! The link shall be shared here. Kindly view it and tell me your valued opinion.

From today, I am going to share interesting stories related to the journey, some general stories as well as some useful points which can enhance the experience with this novel.

 I was responsible for seeing through every stage of the book. Editing, designing of the cover page, final editing, marketing, post publishing etc.

Also this is my first novel. 

Writing has always been a healthy distraction for me. Even better put, it is my life. Living around words gives me more pleasure than being around anyone or anything else. The idea that you can create anything with words, any story, any scene, any person is so exciting!

I admit I am not the master in this trade. 

Straight Fact: While reading this novel, you might come across some grammar mistakes. That may constitute around 3% of the novel. I am not sure whether that is an 'Okay!' or it calls for a disaster. Even in that 3% (Yes 3%!) the only mistake is in the usage of commas.

But even this 'sometimes excess!' usage has an explanation. At almost all the places, the usage of excess commas has been deliberate. 

This world is set at the time of extreme complexity, so much that even the brains at that time find it difficult to adapt. So when you have something extremely difficult in front of you, the first thing you do is break that up into smaller pieces. 

Everything, your understanding, speech, thoughts automatically tries to break things up due to the heavy complexity. That is shown through that style of writing. 

This style of writing shows the inner and sub-conscious struggle of the character to adapt to complexity. At times the character succeeds, at time the character fails. 

So this is the only concern some people might have, according to me. Well, this is the reason. All it requires is deep thinking about the environment, people, situations around. Then all the answers automatically spring up. 


Take care,

Good luck!


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