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I am back again! This time I shall share with you a new concept of weaponry seen in 'The One Concirsciuit'

The concept is called Deep Perception Weapons.

You must have known that there are always millions of things, many logic-less running in our minds. When we look at a particular person, there are many other parallel imaginations which have nothing to do with that person. These imaginations run very deep in the borders of our conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Also, imagine you are staring at something irritating. Then, inside you, millions of impulses run around which imagines you as swatting away or hitting away that irritating object just to get rid of this. This is involuntary.

Again, these many imaginations are random at times, and not at all connected to the focus object.

What if you bring out these feelings and perceptions out from their dark depths, and scale them up to a weapon, with some extra functionalities added.

These weapons are born out of Deep Perception.

They may sound logic-less at first, but they are the product of our own thoughts which knowingly or unknowingly are running inside our minds.

This novel is full of gadgets and weapons which run on this concept. Read to find them.


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