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The time of the launch is getting closer and closer. Well, it is to launch on the 17th of December, approximately 30 hours now. I WILL BE POSTING THE LINKS AS SOON AS I RECEIVE THEM.

I have created this objective list to look for in 'The One Concirsciuit' 

1. Step into a new world of complexity where everything looks fantastical but there is a meaning deep down there. You must look at life wholly to see that meaning.

2. Engage in the purest love story which does not see hindrances to bring each other first, but instead throws them into an uncertainty, whether they would meet again after falling in love for the first time.  

3. Be there when the Circuit is revealed. The main crux of the story begins from there. Appreciate how life, science and destiny meet each other. 

4. Tour different and strange cities bearing their own shells of mysteries, important to the circuit.

5. Be lost in the perplexing mind control technique and try to free yourself by the newest technological elements. 

6. Make new friends, but be sure about trusting them. Appearances are always deceptive. Their motives may be even more.

7. Test yourself when you have nothing left, and your enemy goes far beyond your reach.

8. Experience the magic of life's miracles which can throw you right into the game. Just be ready.

9. Step into the battlefield and fight it all out, one last time, having the greatest survival stakes of all time. 

10. Step out of the circuit and learn the meaning of life. 

Please note that the story does not lay focus on the physical build of the aliens. That has been explained a lot before and it is up to you to imagine it the way you want. In the story, they are very close to humans. Also since the build does not hold any significance. It is the far future, physical characteristics have all been already cracked. 

Focus is laid on the central concept. The vocabulary appears simple enough for even those whose native language is not English. I believe you must have guessed it through reading this blog. So, please pick your copy as soon as I post the link here.

Thank you.


Take Care,

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