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I hope you are doing amazing.  

We had earlier talked about how the primary source of the circuit is the characteristic inability of mind to stay still. 

Mind moves forever with the passage of time. Thoughts recycle inside with the beat of every second. But is it possible for mind to stop the effect of time on it?


Often we revolve everything around time. The tasks we do, goals, dreams and almost everything contains the element of 'time' in it. If we have to get off the effect, we must confine our self to a shell which does not know time. 

That happens by ONLY thinking of the present. Not the future. Not the past. Thinking of the past makes you think more about the future. But the present gifts you with a world, which you fail to see usually.

By seeing the present entirely by itself, we understand everything happening around us. That is where the complexity of the world does not have much effect. Which basically means, the circuit. 

When you look into the present, the world appears bigger. The factor of time disappears away. Everything happens in motion just because THEY ARE HAPPENING. You will feel that time is actually not moving everything forward. Just concentrate on the reality which is happening. Not at all on the reality which your mind visualizes through your senses. 

When you look into the present, you get goals. Dreams. Automatically, you will want to achieve many things. Change the world. You will set sail for it. But even during the dream, learn to constantly look at the present. That is the true measurement of how fast you are going. Based on that, you will automatically do faster or slower without the horrors of the clock. Tune your progress with the present at that instant.

When mind is still, you learn. When you stare at the present, you are your most alert self. That is when most of the knowledge and wisdom can be absorbed easily. Again without the ghosts of time. 

Problems strike. But try aligning them with your closest and best version of reality. Break them into parts and analyze how they affect your present. Then the usual step, you will make plans and automatically achieve them. 

Unfortunately, people of Zingorba could not adopt this approach because they were forced by something as strong as the Mind Control.

But as common people, we can try to follow these right?

Take Care,

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