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Is everyone good out there?

Now for the giant question, do multiverses exist?

Why are we only confined by the walls of our reality and Science? There may be so many things beyond. We believe that whatever that happens elsewhere has to be plausible within the regions of understanding we know. That reality cannot be false. Like in 'The One Concirsciuit', there may exist multiple sciences that explains similar concepts in a different way. Once we break down all of Science theories, we do come to a level which can be explained by only this sentence, 'That is how it is'. Maybe similar things are governed by different laws elsewhere. 

Our Universe is said to be formed by a Big Bang. But obviously, something has to initiate that. What is that 'something'? That tiny something could perhaps hold an entrance to another Universe. Different people have different views about that 'something'. But yes, at least some version might have place for this possibility. Very much possible, right? 

I have doubts about the term 'infinity'. The Universe is made up of different scales of life. Let us consider 'distance' and compare with infinity. For an ant, 1000 kilometers must seem like infinity. For a microscopic worm, 100 kilometer must seem like infinity. For us, a million light years might seem close to infinity. We are in this scale. There may or may not be limits greater than us for whom our infinity might not be their infinity. 

I read somewhere, what if we are all actually nerve cells in one major Brain. What if we are all inside a computer simulation? This is the upper limit which we talked about. Though they sound very fictitious, well, if you had explained today's world to the primitive cavemen, they would dismiss as utter nonsense. 

Probably the boundary of the Universe is where our reality ends and the other reality starts. Or perhaps we can define the boundary of Universe at the point when our limit ends and the upper limit starts. Probably the boundary of the Universe is the point when the purpose of life would be known.

All this because, they also say that the Universe is expanding continouosly. Since the rate is so much faster and we are much currently out of reach, we can assume the boundary at the distance to which we can stretch other factors to. 

A thought. You may have your views.  Please comment. 


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