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I hope you are doing great! 

Since we are near the beginning of the next year, it is common to satisfy our curiosity of knowing how the year is laid out for us according to our stars.

For that, we surf through various websites spending our precious time reading through the different predictions in Wealth, Health and Relationships.

But do these really work? Though a section of the readers might not agree with me, but I believe we cannot by any means say how our future appears according to some stars. 

Ultimately, life comes down to how we take things in our mind. However worse may be the problem, if we sing a positive tune, life also will sing the same with us. We must understand that the stars may co-incidentally stand true for a very few of them, but not all. After all, there are millions who belong to one star.

When we read horoscopes and find something negative, that fact stays in our mind till the end of next year. That could prove fatal. We will start blaming every loss to the star. That serves as a boost for de-motivation. We will end up thinking, "Since it is written like that, if I go for this task there is hardly any chance for it to be completed successfully" There may be another person with the same sign seeing victory. So to avoid this, better retreat away from the predictions. 

Here is a small test. Pick up three or four different newspapers and find out what is written under your star. You would see that they differ, and talk about more general and obvious occurrences. Put a thought into them and you will realize. Most of them are just worded differently to make you feel as if 'It is the future'. 

A star is a rock after all. We have not known the planets forever. Then on what basis did we start making the predictions? There are also millions of other planets out there. If distances are not considered as such, why do not we consider everything in our own milky way?

Why is only the birth moment considered? Life just starts from there. The child has everything to do and everywhere to go. Many real factors like parents, friends, self character influence it. All of them just DEVELOP over time. Also, how can the 'time' decide about your future. It just passes right? Once we say, we have to make use of time. Now how can we say, time decides our future?

The boundaries of constellations keep changing every time. Thus, we may not be able to bear only one zodiac sign.

Note that I am not an atheist. But I believe in praying to the inner power of God and his creations. He has created this world for us to live, let live and achieve. He will not be so unfair to fix everything. Co-incidences happen, accidents also happen but the chance of that stands true for all. That is the nature of the randomness of this world. 

Majority of your destiny lies in your hands. You make it or break it.


Take Care,


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