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Hope you are all doing good. Here is a news which could perhaps lighten you up.

One thing I want to share with you.

Today, I received the complimentary copies of 'The One Concirsciuit'. I am telling you this first. That is how special you are to me.

The carton box was at the top of my residence and when that heavy thing was being carried all the way downstairs, I felt like a mother carrying her baby.

I sliced open the carton eagerly and first, a drop of my tear fell on those neatly arranged books. I hugged them, at once laying all the efforts of five odd years on it. Finally, I could tick the checkbox beside my dream. Finally, I relaxed after April 11 2012.

When I opened its pages and smelt them, I remembered the support and prayers of all my well-wishers. At first, I did not see the words but the smiling face of my parents on each page. At the starting of each paragraph.

For these many years, the colors of the book were the color of my blood. Now they had flowed onto them.

Finally the moment I had always dreamed about,  I looked into the mirror and said, 'You did it'

Now like a parent whose child had grown up, no matter how the book performs in the market, I will always look at it proudly.

Thank you.

Take Care,


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