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I hope you are all doing good. If anyone of you are struggling with the thoughts of their demonish past, this post is for you.

We are lucky that we do not have time machines right?

Without them, we think so much of our past. With them, we would forever reside in our pasts.

1. KNOW THAT IT WON'T COME BACK: Past never comes back. You always move forward with time. Whatever happened has happened and there is no way for it to repeat again. Your work at the present shall affect your future. That is the only range of our life from this very second. 

2. TRY EXPLAINING YOURSELF ONCE: Try to make peace with your mind. Explain it why it happened, why you did that and why was that right. If you do not get answers, speak out and ask the person for answers. Try once. Remember this step is not compulsory. 

3. REPENT FOR YOUR MISTAKES: Be a man and admit your mistakes. Try to make at least small efforts to overcome those mistakes. Your mind automatically sets off on a peaceful path.

4. BUILD THE FUTURE: Plan the future and work towards it. At the start, this might seem tedious. But keep continuing as if you are a machine with no emotions. After a while, you will automatically be excited at the sight of your dreams becoming reality at the horizons. Remember, future is so powerful that it can overcome the past many times over. An exciting dream and a real future never makes you look back. Be busy in its struggles. 

5. COMPARE YOURSELF WITH THOSE UNFORTUNATE: This is arguably the most important step. Remember, you are never the worst or the most unfortunate individual on this planet. Many more others are living a poorer quality of life. That 'many' is actually millions of people. You are better than a million! Go out and see the world instead of creating your own inside. Travel and study those people who don't have three to four body parts or who don't get a meal twice a day also. Indeed, you are blessed.

Everyone have their own struggles. You might see them as big or small. In reality, no struggle is big or small. Even if a pin pricks you, you shout as much as when you get chest pain (God Forbid). It is a fact. The size of the obstacles or the struggle varies according to how your mind takes it. Remember, there is no limit of the functioning of your mind. It can think about anything, anything. 

Hope you are better now. 


Take Care,


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