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I hope you are all doing great! Let me share some amazing facts of 'The One Concirsciuit', to make your day a little better.

1. Not mentioned in the preface though, around 725,000 words had been written and deleted entirely before this story. Either the drafts were not perfect, or the idea was just not unique. This book is the 8th draft.

2. I was so into the thought process that, one entire section of the third day of war (the time, the walls separated the real world and the off-circuital world) was formed from the exact scenes which appeared in my dream.

3. The idea of the circuit, first appeared in a very vague form. Before I applied the concept of science into it, I was imagining the circuit as God circling around the Universe and coming towards me. Strangely, this imagination never left my memories. 

4. The circuit always has two interpretations, one which gives meaning to life, other which gives meaning to science. At some places, it is up to you to crack the meaning. Will you be able to? 

5. Here is a fun fact, while writing the scenes, often I would think of them every time, everywhere. Once I was caught in a quiet test hall unknowingly mimicking tensed running sounds loudly! That was an important scene involving the detection of a common attacking pattern. The next day I had sketched a custom shaped battlefield on the test paper! This too when deep in thought! Do not ask my about my performance in the test though!

6. A serious note: Every element which describes the circuit like the Vertical Horizon, Simple People is capable to forming its own story or sequel. It is up to the readers to crack the reason why they can exist on their own.

It is a challenge. Do you accept it?


Take Care,


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