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Hello All!

Are you all great? 

I am writing this blog post because I came across one of my old friend who had decided to end himself because of the depressing time he was undergoing. Whatever I convinced him, is written here. Please spare some time and read. 

1. Suicide takes you nowhere: Does your problems get solved if you decide to end your life? If that was the case, we would see more martyrs among common people than the soldiers who toil at our country's borders. 

2. You are a coward: Sorry to say, you are the biggest coward if you have ever planned to die. Be a man, and face it. Even animals do not suicide if they go hungry or hurt. You are supposed to use your mind to get off the situation, not the rope. Remember, suicide is the greatest dis-respect anyone can earn.

3. Look around: See those extremely poor people who do not get a single proper meal. Yet they live and smile at the smallest things while just being with each other. Look at that roadside beggar, he would be so happy with a couple of coins he gets. Often we see them smiling more than us, really. Notice that next time.

4. Respect your parents: Suicide is like taking a broken bottle and hammering your parents on their head. Is that what you want to do? No matter how much you earn or succeed, please respect parents even more than God. It is because of them you are here, living a comfortable life by un-biased standards.. I am not sounding rash, but you are worse than the demon if you do not give respect to your parents.

5. Count your blessings: Often there are many things we oversee. Learn to see them. Make a habit of being happy with the smallest things. Aim for something big, but do not count that as your only motive for life. Remember, there is no problem on this planet which does not have a solution.

If you have parents, you are luckier than millions.
If you have water to drink and food to eat, you are luckier than millions.
If you have a house to live in, you are luckier than millions.
If you have a mobile phone, you are richer and luckier than millions. 

Do not believe me? Do you know about 700,000 people are living on less than $2 per day. Do not trust me? Check this recent report from the World Bank.

Thank you for reading. Hope you are convinced. Share this post with whomever you know is undergoing depression or problems. 

We need you. The World needs you. The World needs all.

#SayNotoSuicide #Liveandbeawesome


Take Care,


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