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Hello all!

I hope you people are having a great day! If not, do not worry. Everyone gets their bad days or phases. Life is all about going through all of them successfully. You are not alone. I am your friend. We are all a family by heart, even outside the spheres of this novel. 

So, let us talk about 'The Science Circuit', the concept which governs the story.

Well, this is my idea. Note that in Science fiction, there is no idea which is correct or in-correct. It is one genre where you can be happy if your mind and imagination turns mad!

We are all at an age where Science is rapidly advancing day after day. Every morning, we wake up with some wonderful news about discoveries, space exploration (provided, you look for it in the paper or web!) etc. 

A time will come when there would be nothing left to explain. Everything would be known, and every technology would become very common. 

Human minds are wired to NOT stand still. A human mind sees reality only through a single 'eye'. We actually pass through millions of 'sub-conscious' universes and perceptions. 

One such perception is the 'Reversal of Science'. When we have reached the end, we suddenly begin to feel that all the Science around is actually pointing towards the past. We feel like everything is old and is reversing back in time. Or we would be so accustomed with the Science at that time, that breaking down of that Science into more simpler advances would actually make those 'simple advances' appear new. OR The most common feel, all the major occurrences and valuable discoveries in Science appear to be further applicable in everything around, even when it takes you nowhere logically. 

The concept does not end here. At this point, when someone introduces new form of mind control. The mind fails to apply that to all the known Science, thus making the world appear ultra-complex.Why does it fail? Because everything around is known and stored in the mind. When the mind itself is hampered with, all the Science distorts badly. 

Getting out of this trap, is what forms the core of the story. Science is imagined in the form of a 'round circuit'. 

Why? How does this 'round circuit' look like?

How to get out? Always there will be an answer. And this time there is one too. 

Read 'The One Concirsciuit' to find how this concept shaped up the greatest battle of the Universe.

I hope you will enjoy it now. 

Take care,

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