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Comment allez-vous? Merci.

For all the French guys and others too, thanks a lot for visiting my blog. 

Well, any endeavor in today's world requires you to be creative. Frankly, creative is slightly given more weightage then intelligence. 

Obvious right? We are in a competitive world constantly trying to create the edge.

Let me share with you, what I used to do to stay creative while writing this book.

1. Wake up slow!: Well I do not mean late! But slow. As soon as you wake up, give some time for your mind also to become active. Do not start stressing it from second-one. Actually, early mornings are the time when you are most creative, so make the best use of it by starting slow and then slowly throttling on your thoughts. 

2. No Coffee! Only water!: A lot of people might suggest you to gulp down tanks of coffee. But I suggest not. I suggest water. It is the best medicine and re-fresher. Healthy too! Water re-energizes and awakens millions of tiring nerve cells in your brain. Excessive caffeine rusts you from inside.

3. Grab a pen!: And start scribbling! Do this when you cannot create anything. Randomly scribble till your focus goes away from the idea. Then start to draw something. Slowly you will be pushed to drawing, relating to your product. That unleashes a fresh set of thoughts. 

4. Start reading some other language!: Really! Crazy it may sound, but try it though you may not understand. Try to understand. You will improve your creativity. 

5. Stay away from your competitors!: Really! Trust me! Only look at similar products or those in your niche when you finish your model - 1. Often when you look at them before ideation, your thinking narrows down. Chances of creating the next crazy product might decrease. 

These are my mantras to stay creative. Hope this will be yours too!


Take Care,


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