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I hope you are all great! If not, visit this place, there is no reason for you to feel bad.

As a resident of this city for 18 years, I have watched it grown from a tiny dwelling in a desert to one of the world's most cosmopolitan city.

1. THE TALLEST TOWERS: Trust me, there are many towers crossing the 70 floor mark which have been shadowed by the fame of the legendary BURJ KHALIFA. One prominent example is the Rayhaan Hotel standing 72 floors tall, also one of the world's tallest hotel.

2. THE LAND OF THE RECORDS: Where else will you find?

a. The World's longest driverless metro
b. The World's most luxurious hotel
c. The World's fastest elevator
d. The World's largest shopping mall in terms of floor space
e. The World's longest Graffiti Scroll
f.  The World's longest Gold Chain
g. The World's first Indoor mountain ski resort
h. The World's largest Indoor aquarium
and so much more...(Cannot list all of them!)

3. THE CLEANLINESS: Dubai is a city of the glitters. It can be called as an 'ideal' city. Due to its strict anti-pollution laws and regular mass cleanliness drives, the  awareness has spread among its people who have made Dubai one of the cleanest cities in the world.

4. THE RICHES: You get to experience the finest luxury of the world. Just take a walk along the Downtown and the Marina and you will realize why. Do not forget to take the camera!

5. MELTING POT OF CULTURES: Thanks to the liberal work laws and the plethora of opportunities, Dubai is home to people of more than 200 nationalities living in harmony under one roof. The leaders are respected because of their vision and implementation of laws of tolerance. No body knows any political tension or inter-cultural differences. All are one. Also no language troubles!

6. SAFETY AND RESPECT TO WOMEN: In spite of the riches and the luxury Dubai has to offer, one thing that makes me love it is its promise of safety. Women are safe to move around even in the odd midnight hours. You can expect no protests, road blockages, pick-pocketing even in thick crowds. Not simply, the United Arab Emirates was declared the third safest country in the world in a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

7. EASE OF ACCESSIBILITY: Dubai is known for its position at the 'Center of the World' due to almost equal traveling distance from the ends of Asia and Europe. The world famous carrier Emirates, connects more than 250 cities of the world directly to Dubai.

8. LIGHT ON YOUR WALLET: Dubai is tax free! Also, compared to other European and American destinations, Dubai is relatively cheaper. A three-course meal at a fine hotel can cost you around $60. Mind you, there are places which serve the most expensive food in the world. For instance, you can get a gold plated cup-cake costing $1000. Just Google, 'Golden Phoenix'.

9. THE BEACHES: Dubai boasts sunshine almost the entire year round. All the major cities in the United Arab Emirates, lie on the coastline. Would not like to lay on the relaxing sand, staring at the blue clear waters and a couple of cruises sailing along the horizon?

10. EXCITING PROJECTS COMING UP VERY SOON: Dubai is the host city for the World Expo 2020, due to which many exciting projects like the Universal Studios, Lego Land (Opened), Bollywood themed park (Opened), Dubai World Central, The Tower (To be tallest tower), Hyperloop (Fastest mode of transportation on the planet, Google 'Dubai to Abu Dhabi Hyperloop') are on the pipeline.

Apart from Dubai, there are many other exciting places a stone's throw away like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. A trip of 15 days is suggested to explore each of the city's and the country's wonders.

So, you need more reasons to visit Dubai? What are you waiting for? Start Holidaying in Dubai!

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