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The Cover of 'The One Concirsciuit' has some interesting features which required to be decoded to appreciate it. I shall present them to you here:

1. A path of the Circuit is exiting from the top left. Well, that is NOT the exit of the Circuit. The Circuit image in fact, summarizes each of the major development on the Circuit while covering some area over this image. That path is the 'flattening of the circuit' which actually, turns the story over its head. If the exit was shown, a lot of spoilers would be automatically revealed.

2. On the right are characters representing humans and on the left, aliens. As you can see, they are designed to be very primitive. Firstly, this story gives you the freedom to imagine the character, your way. Secondly, the circuit takes us through a journey of the most advancement to most primitive. These characters are drawn to manifest the minimum elaboration which the circuit demands.

3. The roads curve toward each other. This is because, destiny always comes round. All the good or bad deeds you commit, comes back to you. You just have to open your eyes and see it. The road stretching from left to right shows that there is always one path which is un-treaded and can lead you closer to the goal. That path is mostly independent of destiny. That path is how you make it. 

4. The girl waiting patiently near the bushes refers to Exhillora. A lot of darkness surrounds her throughout the story. The lack of answers and explanations are revealed through the night-like atmosphere surrounding her.

Special Thanks to HoneyComb India for their creative work. 



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