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It is the end of the year, so instead of contemplating just the past year, let us take a step further into the dark questions surrounding the meaning and existence of life.

From the Circuit point of view.

1. We are here to experience the Universe. The Circuit says that there are many windows of reality. Perhaps, we are just seeing through one window. A window essentially means the Science we know and the rules which govern us. There could be many windows, no matter where.

2. The Circuit reveals that we are here to hunt for the unknown. Our duty is to go deep into the workings of the machine which makes us and recreate or extend the Universe.

3. We are self-independent creatures who could contribute to the 'world' we have created and thus, push the window of reality through which we are seeing, further. At the end of reality, there could be the portal to jump to the next window. Just the way it happens at the end of 'The One Concirsciuit'

4. The purpose of our life would be to gain power to control the Stars, Moons and the Galaxies. Technology is our weapon. For this, we are confined within many boxes of our perceivable world. At the last box, we are situated, thinking that Money is the sole purpose of life. But remember, we are made of stars. The Circuit demands you to get off from that box. Life could be about exploring many such boxes within the same levels of reality.

5. Our purpose is to make all emotions constant. On the outlook, the Circuit means to feel the same total degrees of overall emotions for anything and anyone.

Unlock more purposes in 'The One Concirsciuit'

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