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That's so much loot for a Sci-fi fan, isn't it?

The Conquistador is a similar 'loot' for Metanor. Like how every might being has a vehicle for Him to transcend to the battles, The Conquistador just appears in time to sail him from the problems, into the war-zone.

A failed mission. Ghosts of a failed mission. The same enemies from the failed mission. A rusted history.

The Conquistador is the bearer of all these. History is against it.

But not the circuit. Conquistador is identified as the 'Bridge' connecting different parts of the circuit.

But a 'bridge' means it can fall to heaven, or even HELL.

 Watch the space through its green, lustrous eyes. Watch the battle right from the ship's computer. For the ship acts as a BASE.

One reason which could end the story even before it started.

But how? Why? Find out in 'The One Concirsciuit'


Take Care,


Through the rusted history

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