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I hope you are fine. 

For those who missed this post which was at the start of this blog, here it is. NEW POSTS COMING UP!

Well, the previous posts might have set our mind on a serious thought. So let us not load it with another difficult to ponder thought, at least for the day. Meanwhile, I want all the readers to know more about me and my journey in brief, while writing this book. At least you will know whom to appreciate or curse!

About the Author 

Based in Dubai and Bangalore, Vishwas endeavored for five years to create a fictional story that no one had ever read before. Currently pursuing a degree in flight engineering, he dedicated at least three hours a day to this story.

Metanor, the protagonist was inspired by the author himself and Navarro is the sum of all the villains he has come across in his life. Exhillora, the love interest is a product of his dreams, of a person with flawless love and a Godly nature.


April 11 2012, the day I started to ideate this book. A few days later on the 25th, I typed my first word. 

In this journey, I learnt a lot most of them untaught by others. This journey saw very little technical help, in terms of the story line or writing. There were very less people around me who were into writing. Being a slight introvert, I would even hesitate to directly go and ask the teachers or even the seniors. No matter how difficult it was, I wanted to do it all by myself. Many times the thought to quit this struggle indeed appeared, but then I saw my words and those blank pages waiting for me, I saw the chance I had taken which would make me stand out from a lot others, I saw my parents’ dream to see me successful. I realized that to be well known, always there has to be a lot of struggle and always that struggle can never be imagined or predicted.

This completed book is my 8th draft, and the war scene which takes place later in the story is my 15th draft. My 6th draft, which I had completed around the starting of 2016, had to be almost completely re-ideated and re-written due to the lack of the gripping elements in the ideas and the scenes portrayed. So this taught me, to ‘never ever ever give up.'

My goal always remained to create something which had never been created before. While this was risky as it drew a very thin line between a supposedly most unique concept and absolute nonsense, I still decided to take a shot at it. Even if a small common element would be seen in an idea, it would only find the bin. This stubbornness often threw me into depression and long tenures of the horrible writer’s block. But in the process, I saw my own thinking mature, probably from the closest ever range. Even today when I compare my first initial ideas, to the final written ones, I enjoy a good laugh. So this taught me, ‘Live differently and create your own niche, your own universe, for that never dies even after you die’

The most troubling problem I came across, was time management. My schedule demanded me to focus on this novel, and studies simultaneously. Frankly, I gave importance to this novel though. I would write the chapter in class, and jot down any rough idea which came onto my mind while in the middle of a walk, or while mixing chemicals in the lab or even while entering sleep! It was the severe passion, that erased away sleep and which suddenly made me active when I was about to write, which suddenly made my mind run when an idea was required no matter where I was. So this taught me many things, one, “Passion can make anything happen. It knows no time, no health, no circumstance” Second, “Follow you passion blindly. As that will color your life, and even your problems, Life will suddenly become a fun ride, a fun place where you are the hero, a villain and everything” 

At the time of writing this pre-face, I don’t know whether this toil will be successful. But I certainly enjoyed this journey more than anything else, I followed my instinct, I set my goal and I wrote my passion. This is enough to make me stand out from many others. One feeling I want to share with you all is, Be open to everything. Do everything. Be free in your mind and let your life flow into it. Do what you like keeping just a set of morals constant. Keep all stereotypes away; they are not the theorems of science, which will also be broken one fine day. We came here with a blank canvas, so that we can do anything we want, not that we landed with a document consisting of rules and regulations which we are expected to follow until we die. The choice is up to you.

I hope to provide the readers their best time reading this book. Grammatical errors  if any, is deeply regretted. It is my first book, self published. I have given my maximum to improve the quality.

Note that: Since the concept here is a bit obscure to understand at places, I suggest the reader to flow through the words, a bit slower than usual. A quick second read at some places would surely make you grasp the idea. Also please stay open to extremely strange levels of ideas! But please, spare some moments to think of their significance in the real-time world. 

All the best! 


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