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The name 'The One Concirsciuit'

A lot of thoughts went into the name. It is full of meanings. Let me start with the pronunciation first.

Pronounce : (CON-SIR-SCI-UT)

1. When you pronounce the name, you pronounce a lot of different types of words which induce different kinds of emotions.

a) CON for Conquer : Induces aggression.

b) SIR-SCI-UT : A modified name for Science Circuit. 

c) CI-UT : Induces a soft feeling due to resemblance with the word 'Cute'. 

Thus, this word is a mixture of all feelings. These all feelings are dealt with at some point of the story. 

ONE : This says that the concept shown in the story happens only once in the lifetime of the universe.

Well, this naming concept is inspired from Shiva who, in Hinduism, is the God of many forms and many emotions. 

Each one has their own precious belief, their own perception of God. All are correct. This is mine. I hope you will all like the concept of naming. 

Kindly give your valuable feedback. 

Take care,

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