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Hello All!

I hope you all are doing very well!

Remember, days may get tricky, boring, but remember time waits for no one. Understand the importance of passing time and give each second its importance. That is when you get more reasons to live. Then automatically, you will realize how vast you have to build your life.

Let me introduce you to this character, 'The Old Man'.

Note that he does not look like the one in the picture!

This character appears in flashes. At once, he is badly tortured. But next, he turns out to be the most important teacher.

The Old man is the symbol of the wisdom of Old age.

This symbol is holy. Never dis-respect elders. Old people are oceans of knowledge themselves. 

They are not OLD. But G-OLD.

How can you know a person by just a single interaction? Especially in the age when we are most easily fooled? 

What if that old person turns out to be the architects of every occurence in your life?

You will not find the Old man always, but he is always present behind the scenes. Always working. TO CHANGE YOU.

Find him. Grab his knowledge. Transform yourself. Very, very soon.


Take Care,


P.S: Pre-orders from 2nd December. Links will be shared soon. Spread the word, please.

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