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Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is fine. For those who are feeling blue there, here is a solution which you might want to consider.

Writing is one such hobby which does not require skill.

Yes. I am indeed right. It requires no skill.

Whatever you write, you are an author of it. Writing is the best way to vent out all kinds of emotions.

Just grab that pen. Look at the blank paper. Just experience how the words would start flooding down. Notice how your vocabulary would dance. Notice how you would be mesmerized by those words.

Everyone has a story, friend. Half of them choose not to write, because of something called 'poor language'. If you have a thing to tell, make everyone listen through your story. Everyone will like something. Many people will like yours also. Just reach it to them.

Words never give up on you. Words are the monuments you build for yourself. They make your life alive more than ever. It is because finally you are talking, TO YOURSELF.

You do not need to be an author to write, but you need to see inside you. When people understand each other, they do by a common thought, not necessarily by excellent language.

When you write. You print your mind on the paper. When everything is in your mind, and you show it to others, what can be a greater form of expression?

Love them, they will look after you very much. You will fall in love with them. Then see how your life changes.

Grab your pen. Why don't you show what you have inside you? World is big. Someone will read it. Someone will appreciate. But Life is short.

Dont Wait. Grab the pen! Start, my friend!


Take Care,


P.S. Today there might be a gap between posts. Sincere apologies! Only today, ok?

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