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Many of you might have thought that this wordpress exists to act as a marketing tool. Well the fact is yes, but that is not the sole reason.

I want the readers to know what exactly is in store for them.

This wordpress will act both as a platform for the novel and for the readers to share their opinions which maybe related or even unrelated to the novel.

By 'platform for the novel', I mean that this blog would feature the first looks, cover previews, chapter previews, epilogue preview and much more. Also, we will discuss about various points in the novel, and the readers are extremely free to share their views on any aspect of the story.

The concept of the novel is quite difficult to grasp, but the epilogue section in the novel answers all possible queries. Please do read it. Some areas of the novel might appear too fantastical, well, I do not deny the fantasy, but I require the user to think in terms of science and life there, then that would surely make sense. Especially because I am a first time author, my success depends on the readers. I agree there may be some tiny mistakes here and there, in the form of grammar, or slightly conceptual errors but care has been taken to avoid any big impact from them which could potentially hamper the reading flow.

Over the next few posts, I would be introducing more about the story-line, characters and settings, and I would look to instill that feel for the novel in you before you would actually grab the book for reading.

P.S: The top three most active subscribers would each get 3 free copies! They would be announced here exactly a month after the book-launch. Stay tuned!

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