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The Blurb speaks about the crux of the story and creates the important first impression (of course, along with the cover!) on the buyer of the book.

The Blurb of 'The One Concirsciuit' is out there!


It is the far, far future where the development of science has come to a stop. There arises a conflict, between a master, Navarro and his disciple, Metanor. The latter in favor of technology to overcome the destructive effects of the former’s new method of  mind control.

This leads to science represented in the form of a circuit. And to be free, they have to get off the circuit.

Time is running out. An army has to be formed, one with extraordinary capabilities while unimaginable weapons and tech are surfacing. Even the most loyal become enemies. Metanor’ only support is his love. But even she appears very mysterious.

One wrong move, the enemy beats you, the science kills you.

 Stay tuned for the cover and preview of the chapters!


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