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A very warm welcome to all the readers out there! Many of you might be wondering, what is this Con-uit?

Well, Con-uit is the shortened term for the name, 'The One Concirsciuit'. This is an upcoming self-published book, which shows a world which no one has ever seen or thought of.
It has a fresh concept which draws a very thin line between Science Fiction and Fantasy. But each central theme in the story can be related to the blue-print of our life.

Imagine being in a world where the mind can control everything, including the millions of perceptions forming for the object. A world where science has stopped growing, and due to the heavy complexity, it is devastatingly reversing back. What if you are stuck in this extreme complexity and the only way to be free, is to learn and apply a whole new 'appearance' of science?

This was the first look. The blurb and the primary concept shall be shared soon. Stay tuned!

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