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How are you all?

We all fear competition to a large extent. There is always a bit of inertia inside opposing us stepping out of our comfort zones. Remember, there are some basic rules which when followed can ensure that you beat your competition. 

I faced all of them while writing this book.

1. Never underestimate yourself:   In your eyes, you must not be a person of lower caliber. Change that perspective if it exists. Call yourself a good competitor. First, gain confidence over your capabilities and skills. Learn to keep away that tension and think about the victory.

Spend 1.5 hours to talk to yourself on this.

2. Research:   See what gives the other competitor an edge. Learn that edge. Practice that edge. Build on it and work out to create an advantage for yourself. 

Spend 24 hours to research and chart out the strengths and weakness of you and the other. Spend another 24 hours to gain advantage over that. 

3. Practice:   But first mentally. Then physically. If it is a speech, speak five times in front of your friends, relatives etc. If it is a race, choose a soothing and peaceful place. While practicing, think about things which can potentially weaken you down. Otherwise the big day could be tuned down because of some unwanted thoughts. Trust me, this is required.

Give 24 hours for your final preparation.

4. Make plans to lose:   Again talk to yourself, how would you react in case you lost? This is not pessimism, but is crucial to keep you un-broken if the big day turns unfortunate.

Spend 1.5 hours to talk to yourself on this.

5. Read, rest and motivate:   Grab a novel and engage in it for around 4 hours. Grab a sound sleep for at least 8 hours before the big day. Eat properly and healthy. Read some inspiring quotes and keep backing yourself up throughout the day.

All the best!

Take Care,

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