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Defense can turn into attack and it is true. We are all under a false impression of the nature of defense. We think that defense is for avoiding the obstacles and the cost of it, is not moving forward. 

But the attack to defense is called, Innovation. Rising competition around can attack you if you are on the path to achieve something. 

1. You need to constantly analyze where you stand and create new methods to ensure your acceleration forward.

2. Never think any plan is fool-proof. In the far future at least, where it is possible to make anything spring to reality. For this, you need to constantly put yourself in the shoes of all types of people, to make sure the number of loop-holes are brought to a minimum. 

3. Attack upfront. Never use back-ups and other helps unless necessary. While team work will matter in many cases, in some cases like a war, it is always better to face the enemy by assuming maximum power up front.

CREATE : new methods to ensure space from the mob.
ATTACK : do not use back-ups unless necessary. 
LEARN : the methods by which you could be defeated.
LOOK : look at the present and the future together. Never make short term goals and very long term goals.

It is the CALL to action. 

While it is most important in a battle, the general truly lacked it. Read how it unfolds to reveal many lost answers and characters. One mistake can turn it over.

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